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Recently I was invited to 10-year anniversary of Mercedes dealership here in Liverpool. I was wearing my favourite little black dress – always a safe choice and you can jazz it up with some nice accessories. I couldn’t but ‘try out’ a few cars. I have to say a new car smell is rather amazing! […]


Killer Heels

Sometimes you just need a pair of killer heels to spice up the outfit.


Keeping Up

I don’t even know where to start. So much have happened lately and I am still in a strange state of mind. Some of you might know that I have started a fashion and beauty magazine called #INSPO.  Crazy, isn’t it?! It has been a dream of mine for ages, and it took me a […]

Black & White

Black & White

I think that I spoke too soon about it being the cold season again. It’s still warm and sunny, which makes me really happy! I have forgotten about this white skirt that my sister gave me a long time ago, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. I decided to wear it before […]



Old and sad news: summer is over. I kind of forgot the feeling of actually wearing a coat so it was strange putting one on recently. However, some of A/W trends are pretty cool, for example, knitwear (including skirts and trousers), and normcore, the concept of standing out by blending in. I know these are […]

Illamasqua pigment

My Favourite Beauty Products

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen I’ve never used pigments before, but my good friend, who is an amazing makeup artist, suggested I get this Illamasqua one for dark circles under my eyes, and it truly works well! The beauty of pigments is that you can use them wherever you want: eyes, lips, cheeks or even […]